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The IRONWING TAROT uses unique personal symbolism to celebrate
the ancient craft of blacksmithing and its connection with shamanism.
The 78 cards depict women only.  Drawings are ink on scratchboard.
Major Arcana illustrate mysteries of the geology and metallurgy of iron, the Black Metal.
Minor Arcana explore the interaction of the Four Elements through magical iron objects,
shaman's tools, and obscure sacred plants and creatures.
Spirit Guides show four stages of a smith's growth and life in the craft.
Major Arcana are accented with red ochre (hematite).
Title is from  Ironwing the Bellmaker.


IV The Anvil Apprentice of Bells Nine of Coils
Major Arcana Spirit Guides Pips Card Back

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FOUR ELEMENTS - 4 cards: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
THREE WINDOWS - 3 cards:  One Major Arcana, one Spirit Guide, one Pip.
STAR BRIDGE - 9 cards:  Relationship spread created for this deck.

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