The Ironwing Tarot
by Lorena B. Moore

Major Arcana

About the

0 The Lodestone I The Magician II Red Earth III The Forge IV The Anvil
0  The Lodestone
(The Fool)
I  The Magician II  Red Earth
(The High Priestess)
III  The Forge
(The Empress)
IV  The Anvil
(The Emperor)
V Tradition VI Connection VII The Road VIII Crystallization IX The Hermit
V  Tradition
(The Hierophant)
VI  Connection
(The Lovers)
VII  The Road
(The Chariot)
VIII  Crystallization
IX  The Hermit
X The Wheel XI Strength XII Trance XIII Death XIV Quench
X  The Wheel XI  Strength XII  Trance
(The Hanged One)
XIII  Death XIV  Quench
XV Molten Iron XVI The Tower XVII The Star XVIII The Moon XIX The Sun
XV  Molten Iron
(The Devil)
XVI  The Tower XVII  The Star XVIII  The Moon XIX  The Sun
XX Spiral Furnace XXI The World
XX  Spiral Furnace
XXI  The World

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