Apprentice of Bells Three of Coils Seven of Blades Two of Bells
FIRE: Inspiration, creativity, intuition, timing.
Apprentice of Bells: Earth of Earth.
Hidden in a natural sandstone rockhouse in the forest, she collects iron ore pebbles and grinds them into pigment with a mortar and pestle, guarded by tiger bells tied in her hair. She loses and finds herself in her work and in the earth materials that she gathers and uses.
WATER: Feelings, emotions, attachments, subconscious.
Three of Coils:
A cauldron, a dipper, and a sacred well cover with three windows showing bubbles rising from the deep source. Triskele spirals are offerings to the precious water that heals, cleans and nourishes everyone as it brings them together.
AIR: Thought, intellect, conflict, communication.
Seven of Blades:
Skeleton hands reach through an African wrist knife surrounded by finger knives. Two Bald Ibises (Geronticus eremita) face off in ritualized conflict, when wielding power and avoiding it are equally risky.
EARTH: Material world, physical body, work, skill or craft.
Two of Bells:
Tiny gongs or cymbals joined with a riveted chain give a hard, clear ring. A collaborative project or moving balance between opposites that strikes a new note to awaken anyone who is watching.

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