Two of Coils Apprentice of Coils Seven of Coils Gatemaker of Spikes
FIRE: Inspiration, creativity, intuition, timing.
Two of Coils:
Twisted steel snakes assist each other's hatching and devour each other's tails, a double Uroboros. The end of one attachment flows into the beginning of another, a mutual exchange and a swirling, changing flow of feeling between opposite poles.
WATER: Feelings, emotions, attachments, subconscious.
Apprentice of Coils: Earth of Water.
From a sacred spring surrounded by rare ferns, she carries clean water for drinking and for quenching hot iron. Her ancient Chinese cauldron becomes a black mirror for scrying. Open and sensitive, she lives in a world of moods, atmospheres, and hidden connections.
AIR: Thought, intellect, conflict, communication.
Seven of Coils:
Water escapes from a bowl shaped like a seven-tentacled jellyfish. A Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) hangs overhead, luring the imagination with its beauty and symmetry, but ultimately insubstantial and impossible to hold or see clearly.
EARTH: Material world, physical body, work, skill or craft.
Gatemaker of Spikes: Air of Fire.
Crowned with sewing needles and a winglike fan of magical protective fabric, she separates the fire of heart and hearth from explosive wildfire. Her hair is twisted into ropes for the shaman's ascent to the starry sky. Intense and innovative, her creativity combines intricate beauty with protective power.

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