Apprentice of Spikes VI Connection Ore of Bells X The Wheel
FIRE: Inspiration, creativity, intuition, timing.
Apprentice of Spikes: Earth of Fire.
With sweetgrass in her wild hair, she makes fire for camp and forge with flint and a steel tent stake. Fire separates her from the jaguar but attracts domestic cats. It demystifies night terrors like the eye-winged moth. Restless and independent, she seeks the spark of new adventures.
WATER: Feelings, emotions, attachments, subconscious.
VI - Connection (The Lovers):
Two women draw with charcoal on a turtle shell, and combine their visions at the center. The iron ring shows six ways to join two pieces of iron, each progressively hotter, more permanent, and less reversible - a reminder to be aware but not fearful of one's level of commitment to a person, place, or idea.
AIR: Thought, intellect, conflict, communication.
Ore of Bells - Magnetite:
Gifts from the earth - dark and light, fragile but enduring. A seedpod bell hangs over magnetite crystals, surrounded by Ice Plant or Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora), a pure white plant from the eastern old-growth forest.
EARTH: Material world, physical body, work, skill or craft.
X - The Wheel:
A girl transforms her heart into a red bird and offers it trustingly to ancient Fortuna, who replaces it with a larger heart made of growing leaves. An iron wheel hangs on the axis of the World Tree and twists around eight nails to mark the year's fire festivals, and smaller wheels symbolize the four elements.

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