Six of Bells Two of Coils XXI The World Seven of Blades
FIRE: Inspiration, creativity, intuition, timing.
Six of Bells:
Three bells with the vessel-like Wild Ginger Flowers (Asarum) that inspire their shapes. The scent of the flowers mingles with the sound of the bells, a mutual gift under heart-shaped leaves.
WATER: Feelings, emotions, attachments, subconscious.
Two of Coils:
Twisted steel snakes assist each other's hatching and devour each other's tails, a double Uroboros. The end of one attachment flows into the beginning of another, a mutual exchange and a swirling, changing flow of feeling between opposite poles.
AIR: Thought, intellect, conflict, communication.
XXI - The World:
The lodestone forms the heart of an iron dancer with a bell body, a blade mask that splits the air, coiled legs that dance on water, and spike hands trailing fire. Beyond are the interlocking iron crystals of the earth's core. Knowing her limits and fully using the space within them, she dances arrival, completion, and wholeness.
EARTH: Material world, physical body, work, skill or craft.
Seven of Blades:
Skeleton hands reach through an African wrist knife surrounded by finger knives. Two Bald Ibises (Geronticus eremita) face off in ritualized conflict, when wielding power and avoiding it are equally risky.

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