Two of Spikes Ten of Coils Apprentice of Blades Nine of Bells
FIRE: Inspiration, creativity, intuition, timing.
Two of Spikes:
An Eyed Click Beetle watches between torches that burn smoldering incense and flaming scented oil. Its real eyes are hidden and the obvious patterned ones are false - or a mask. The view is of two worlds at once, a choice between equally powerful opposites.
WATER: Feelings, emotions, attachments, subconscious.
Ten of Coils:
A chain of interlocking snails becomes more than the sum of its links, and conjures a new growing spirit-snail that is the essence of its wholeness.
AIR: Thought, intellect, conflict, communication.
Apprentice of Blades: Earth of Air.
She holds a winter orchid (Aplectrum hyemale) and an ancient Greenland eskimo knife, cold-hammered from a flake of meteorite iron. Orchid flowers decorate her hair, and seeds blow when she plays the xun, a Chinese ocarina. Seeking intellectual challenge, she studies form and pattern in nature and applies it to practical design.
EARTH: Material world, physical body, work, skill or craft.
Nine of Bells:
A sistrum with pods, cone bells, and flat jingles. Ancient instrument of the Goddess, its intricate shapes and many-voiced sounds speak of triumphant accomplishment as a masterpiece is revealed and consecrated in ritual.

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