XVI The Tower Madrone of Bells Ore of Coils
MAJOR ARCANA: The lesson, challenge, gift, or opportunity in this situation.
XVI - The Tower:
The three fuels of blacksmithing burn in a wildfire, creating toxic smoke: charcoal crumbles in a torching fir tree, coal outcrops explode in a creek, and oil burns in a calcite geode. The smith's work loses meaning and she is powerless. Falling without wings brings release. A door opens in the air, and something new and strange may appear in the ashes.
SPIRIT GUIDE: An aspect of yourself to draw on or develop.
Madrone of Bells: Water of Earth.
Under madrone berries in a mammoth shrine, she transforms cave pearls into bells and shelters a wolf and a dog puppy. She is a generous provider, watching to see that everyone has enough, enjoying the abundance of production work, and makes her home everywhere.
NUMBER CARD: A focus for action or something that needs attention.
Ore of Coils - Goethite:
A coiled fountain holds the shell of a paper nautilus (Argonauta argo) over bubbly-looking goethite. Water unites the fragile white shell and the dark sturdy stone in a self-renewing shower of empathy. Goethite is brown metallic "bog ore" found in sedimentary rocks, often crystallizing out of groundwater. It is the mineral pigments raw sienna and brown ochre.

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