XXI The World Madrone of Bells Seven of Coils
MAJOR ARCANA: The lesson, challenge, gift, or opportunity in this situation.
XXI - The World:
The lodestone forms the heart of an iron dancer with a bell body, a blade mask that splits the air, coiled legs that dance on water, and spike hands trailing fire. Beyond are the interlocking iron crystals of the earth's core. Knowing her limits and fully using the space within them, she dances arrival, completion, and wholeness.
SPIRIT GUIDE: An aspect of yourself to draw on or develop.
Madrone of Bells: Water of Earth.
Under madrone berries in a mammoth shrine, she transforms cave pearls into bells and shelters a wolf and a dog puppy. She is a generous provider, watching to see that everyone has enough, enjoying the abundance of production work, and makes her home everywhere.
NUMBER CARD: A focus for action or something that needs attention.
Seven of Coils:
Water escapes from a bowl shaped like a seven-tentacled jellyfish. A Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) hangs overhead, luring the imagination with its beauty and symmetry, but ultimately insubstantial and impossible to hold or see clearly.

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