XVII The Star Shaman of Spikes Seven of Spikes
MAJOR ARCANA: The lesson, challenge, gift, or opportunity in this situation.
XVII - The Star:
One woman stands on iron ore and watches the wonder of a basket star (Gorgonocephalus) rise from the ocean depths. Another stands on crinoid fossils (relatives of the sea star) and watches the miracle of a falling iron meteor. Each tries to attract the other's attention. Though they do not see each other, a third miracle - an open eye - unites them.
SPIRIT GUIDE: An aspect of yourself to draw on or develop.
Shaman of Spikes: Fire of Fire.
As a mountain lion crowned with honey locust pods and thorns, she summons a luna moth from cup fungi. Spike lanterns show her mastery of purifying but destructive wildfire and of cool night woods phosphorescence that brings visions and nightmares. She is the purifier, exorcist, and shadow chaser.
NUMBER CARD: A focus for action or something that needs attention.
Seven of Spikes:
A stag beetle and tiny iron antlers shaped like those of the extinct Pleistocene Giant Deer (Megaloceros) crown a shaman's hair comb ornament. Carbon antler fungi (Xylaria hypoxylon) are like ashy burnt antlers. One who accepts initiation enters the wild land to confront and claim power.

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