XX Spiral Furnace Gatemaker of Coils Three of Coils
MAJOR ARCANA: The lesson, challenge, gift, or opportunity in this situation.
XX - The Furnace (Judgement):
Bright as molten iron, she emerges from the spiral smelter, the alchemist's athanor and crucible of change, the place of testing and refining, where all that is unnecessary is burned away and only pure new metal remains. The snake-haired White Goddess, renewing herself as she sheds outgrown skins, oversees the transformation.
SPIRIT GUIDE: An aspect of yourself to draw on or develop.
Gatemaker of Coils: Air of Water.
She peers from the misty cypress swamp into a lake or river, and calls the paddlefish water spirits. Compassionate and trusting, she inspires songs and poetry that express the strangest or most frightening feelings and visions so they can be shared in beauty.
NUMBER CARD: A focus for action or something that needs attention.
Three of Coils:
A cauldron, a dipper, and a sacred well cover with three windows showing bubbles rising from the deep source. Triskele spirals are offerings to the precious water that heals, cleans and nourishes everyone as it brings them together.

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