III The Forge Apprentice of Bells Two of Blades
MAJOR ARCANA: The lesson, challenge, gift, or opportunity in this situation.
III - The Forge (The Empress):
The forge is a pomegranate filled with fiery seeds of life, the inexhaustible womb of creativity, a comfort and a challenge that draws the smith back again and again. With each piece of iron it heats, the world is new.
SPIRIT GUIDE: An aspect of yourself to draw on or develop.
Apprentice of Bells: Earth of Earth.
Hidden in a natural sandstone rockhouse in the forest, she collects iron ore pebbles and grinds them into pigment with a mortar and pestle, guarded by tiger bells tied in her hair. She loses and finds herself in her work and in the earth materials that she gathers and uses.
NUMBER CARD: A focus for action or something that needs attention.
Two of Blades:
Two seahorse-shaped Chinese fisherman's knives with stout blades and podlike handles with long handles for untying knots, peaceful blades for those who know what can be lovingly revealed and what is better kept hidden to avoid conflict.

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