Ore of Spikes
Madrone of Spikes
Six of Bells V Tradition
XXI The World
Gatemaker of Spikes
Madrone of Bells Shaman of Blades
Apprentice of Blades
XVII The Star Star Spread
The Three Star Spread is based on this picture. One woman stands on iron ore and watches a basket star swimming in the sea. Another woman stands on fossil crinoids (relatives of the sea star) and watches a falling iron meteor. Each woman tries to attract the other's attention, though they do not look at each other. A single glowing eye unites the women, their visions, and the ground they stand on.

This layout is used to clarify a relationship between two people. Odd numbers represent one person, even numbers represent the other. Card 9 unites the two. Try reading both sides for each person. The spread can also be read for one person: Odd numbers represent what you think and do in the world and how others see you. Even numbers represent the subconscious, the imagination, and how you see yourself. Card 9 balances the two.

Cards 1&2: The ground that each person stands on: home and work, responsibilities, and the past as it affects the current situation.
Cards 3&4: Each person now: priorities, self image, role in life or in the relationship.
Cards 5&6: What each person is looking at next and/or wants the other person to see.
Cards 7&8: Division: an inner obstacle or outside interference.
Card 9: Point of connection or reconciliation.

Apprentice of Blades: Earth of Air. She holds a winter orchid (Aplectrum hyemale) and an ancient Greenland eskimo knife, cold-hammered from a flake of meteorite iron. Orchid flowers decorate her hair, and seeds blow when she plays the xun, a Chinese ocarina. Seeking intellectual challenge, she studies form and pattern in nature and applies it to practical design.
Madrone of Spikes: Water of Fire. Her lightning rod forms a fulgurite, a tube of lighting-sintered sand. Her body is a madrone tree that shelters a spadefoot toad. She drops toad eggs and tadpoles into desert rain pools. She is the shower of sparks that inspires a new project or relationship, and the soothing reassurance that allows it to grow.
Shaman of Blades: Fire of Air. Masked as a snowy owl, she holds claw-shaped ceremonial knives on poles that claim land. She uses a bone spiritcatcher to capture, keep, and transmit lost souls with her breath, and travels to the Upperworld on reindeer antler bridges. She is the guardian of sacred places, spirit speaker, interpreter of nature.
Ore of Spikes - Hematite: An antlered torch blazes above jasper-banded hematite, igniting the imagination. Ore glows in the furnace, an image of the birth of inspiration. Hematite is the most important iron ore, and other ores must be heated to fully oxidize them to this mineral before smelting. It is the mineral pigment red ochre.
V - Tradition (The Hierophant): Carrying her freedom hidden, she stands at the door of the smithy, a place of teaching and learning. Its history and resistance to change are its strength and weakness. She embraces only a tradition that respects her Self, otherwise she may honor it but walks alone.
Gatemaker of Spikes: Air of Fire. Crowned with sewing needles and a winglike fan of magical protective fabric, she separates the fire of heart and hearth from explosive wildfire. Her hair is twisted into ropes for the shaman's ascent to the starry sky. Intense and innovative, her creativity combines intricate beauty with protective power.
Madrone of Bells: Water of Earth. Under madrone berries in a mammoth shrine, she transforms cave pearls into bells and shelters a wolf and a dog puppy. She is a generous provider, watching to see that everyone has enough, enjoying the abundance of production work, and makes her home everywhere.
Six of Bells: Three bells with the vessel-like Wild Ginger Flowers (Asarum) that inspire their shapes. The scent of the flowers mingles with the sound of the bells, a mutual gift under heart-shaped leaves.
XXI - The World: The lodestone forms the heart of an iron dancer with a bell body, a blade mask that splits the air, coiled legs that dance on water, and spike hands trailing fire. Beyond are the interlocking iron crystals of the earth's core. Knowing her limits and fully using the space within them, she dances arrival, completion, and wholeness.

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