Lorena Babcock Moore
Artist in pencil, ink, metal, stone, fabric.
Geologist and botanist.
Solitary musician.


A Handful of Earthstars:  Digital albums on  BANDCAMP
Desert Incense: 
July 2017
Lost Water, Iron Wind
May 2016
More about the music HERE.

PROJECT IN PROGRESS:  The Lichen Oracle  (Art and writing about mysterious lichen glyphs.)


Handcarved Stone Beads
STONE BEADS:  Hand carved from southern Arizona rocks.  Beads for sale HERE.


Geological Art Photos

  pencil skulls  Beluga dancing 
Graphite:  Coyote, Mountain Lion, Turkey Vulture
Colored Pencil:  Beluga Dancing
Tinted Charcoal:  Leonid Meteor Shower

METALWORK:  Forged iron, silver, bronze

Sonoran Desert Plant Photos

Tsunami Turtle Drawing

Ironwing Tarot 

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