Lorena Babcock Moore
Artist in pencil, ink, metal, stone, fabric.
Geologist and botanist.
Solitary musician.


A Handful of Earthstars:  Digital albums on  BANDCAMP
Desert Incense: 
July 2017
Lost Water, Iron Wind
May 2016
More about the music HERE.

October 2017 - New music in progress:  A WALK IN BISBEE
Tunes inspired by southern Arizona's historic copper town, from the labyrinth of stairs to the feral gardens and forgotten stone walls at the edge of the Madrean forest.


PROJECT IN PROGRESS:  The Lichen Oracle  (Art and writing about mysterious lichen glyphs.)


Handcarved Stone Beads
STONE BEADS:  Hand carved from southern Arizona rocks.  Beads for sale HERE.


Geological Art Photos

  pencil skulls  Beluga dancing 
Graphite:  Coyote, Mountain Lion, Turkey Vulture
Colored Pencil:  Beluga Dancing
Tinted Charcoal:  Leonid Meteor Shower

METALWORK:  Forged iron, silver, bronze

Sonoran Desert Plant Photos

Tsunami Turtle Drawing

Ironwing Tarot 

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