Lorena Babcock Moore
Self-taught artist specializing in natural history drawings,
forged iron jewelry, and hand carved stone beads.

Educated as a geologist and botanist.  E-mail
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Xanthoparmelia lineola  Beech Tree  Argyrochosma jonesii

Art & Photos

Ironwing Tarot
Images of all 78 cards.
Free book download.
Free online readings.

Blue Tiger Coat
My handmade embroidered
hemp coat.

Gallery of Sold

Iron Jewelry

Handmade stone beads.
nusual sedimentary rocks.

TSUNAMI - 12/26/04
Art & Story

Painted Earth Color Chart:
Handground Mineral Pigments
in Egg Tempera.

Sonoran Desert Botany
Pima pineapple cactus, rare cacti, soil crust,
desert fern guide, Bartram's stonecrop, Empire Mts. flora list.

Free Tutorials
Copper Flute Tutorial Copper Rim Blown Flute
Spiral Tutorial Three Wire Spiral Jewelry Projects
1.  Double Spiral Spectacle Brooch
2.  Triskele and Fivefold Pinwheels
3.  Decorative hook-and-eye clasps

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