Xanthoparmelia, Lorena B. Moore, colored pencil, 2018.

Script Lichen (Graphidaceae): Lirellae & Glyphs: Lorena B. Moore, colored pencil, 2017. Buxton Woods, NC.

Art by Lorena Babcock Moore
Sanctuary Keeper, Geologist, Artist, Musician.

I grew up in northern Virginia and have lived in Kentucky, Wyoming, and (for 20+ years) southern Arizona.
I am a self-taught artist in several media, including blacksmithing (jewelry& bells), lapidary (handcarved stone beads), and nature photography.
I draw in colored pencil, ink, graphite, and handground mineral pigments,
specializing in graphic art influenced by traditional scientific illustration.

Handcarved Stone Beads

MUSIC: A Handful of Earthstars
Listen on
Original acompositions on fretless banjo, guitar, handmade bells and flutes, and natural sounds.
Lost Water, Iron Wind  May 2016
Desert Incense  July 2017
Earthstar Meteor Shower May 2020
IRON CAVE: The Tank Session September 2021
Recorded at The Tank Center for Sonic Arts, Rangely Colorado (photo below).
Ethereal echoes on fretless banjo...and a flute made by a carpenter bee!

More music on SOUNDCLOUD

Jaguar and Cat Masks in copper, steel, and embroidered cotton.
Ex Voto Tucson All Souls Procession 2008-2011

All design and fabrication by Lorena B. Moore.

Sonoran Desert Botany Photos
Rare Cacti, Desert Fern Guide, Empire Mountains Flora, Bartram's Stonecrop, etc.

THIS DECK IS OUT OF PRINT. The link still offers images of all 78 cards and free download of the 100-page booklet.

Tsunami Turtle Drawing

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