Lorena Babcock Moore
Artist, geologist, botanist, musician.

2018 NEWS and EVENTS:

Solar Culture Tucson, February - May. 

I draw on Tuesdays with the Tucson Colored Pencil Artist's Association.

Desert Banjo in Bisbee

MY MUSIC:  Free to listen or download on BANDCAMP and SOUNDCLOUD

A Handful of Earthstars:
Acoustic instrumentals on fretless banjo and guitar, with handmade bells and flutes, found percussion, and natural sounds.
Desert Incense  July 2017:  Cicadas, cat purrs, sandhill cranes.
Lost Water, Iron Wind  May 2016:  Night birds, tree drums, water tank drum, abandoned windmill.



Handcarved Stone Beads
STONE BEADS:  Hand carved from southern Arizona rocks. 


COLORED PENCIL:  Graphid Lichen Glyphs.  Project in progress, "Decoding Graphis scripta".
Includes more than 40 glyphs drawn from several species of lichens that resemble mysterious runes or letters..


    Beluga dancing
COLORED PENCIL:  Beluga Dancing.  Project in progress, "Beluga's Labyrinth" illustrated cat memoir.

  pencil skulls
GRAPHITE:  Net of Vines.  BONES:  Coyote, Mountain Lion, Turkey Vulture


Tinted Charcoal:  Leonid Meteor Shower


Geological Art Photos

Sonoran Desert Botany Photos
Rare Cacti, Desert Ferns, Empire Mountains Flora, Bartram's Stonecrop, etc.

Tsunami Turtle Drawing

Ironwing Tarot 

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