The Ironwing Tarot
by Lorena B. Moore

Spirit Guides
Apprentice - Earth:They learn, explore, take risks, and carry messages. (Traditional:  Page)
Gatemaker - Air:   They show how to create new paths for change.  (Traditional:  Knight)
Madrone - Water:   They teach from experience in relationships and as experts in their craft. (Traditional:  Queen)
Named for the Arizona Madrone (Arbutus arizonica) of the Sonoran Desert mountains.
Shaman - Earth:  They guide endings, restore power, and transform fears.  (Traditional:  King)

About the

Apprentice of Spikes Apprentice of Coils Apprentice of Blades Apprentice of Bells
Apprentice of Spikes
Earth of Fire
Apprentice of Coils
Earth of Water
Apprentice of Blades
Earth of Air
Apprentice of Bells
Earth of Earth
Gatemaker of Spikes Gatemaker of Coils Gatemaker of Blades Gatemaker of Bells
Gatemaker of Spikes
Air of Fire
Gatemaker of Coils
Air of Water
Gatemaker of Blades
Air of Air
Gatemaker of Bells
Air of Earth
Madrone of Spikes Madrone of Coils Madrone of Blades Madrone of Bells
Madrone of Spikes
Water of Fire
Madrone of Coils
Water of Water
Madrone of Blades
Water of Air
Madrone of Bells
Water of Earth
Shaman of Spikes Shaman of Coils Shaman of Blades Shaman of Bells
Shaman of Spikes
Fire of Fire
Shaman of Coils
Fire of Water
Shaman of Blades
Fire of Air
Shaman of Bells
Fire of Earth

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