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A Handful of Earthstars:  Digital albums of acoustic instrumental music.  Listen or download on BANDCAMP.

Desert Incense  July 2017
Guitar, acoustic bass, fretless banjo, cicadas and sawblade gongs, cat purrs, stone flute, and sandhill cranes.

Lost Water, Iron Wind  May 2016
Fretless banjo and night bird calls, handmade iron bells and flutes, drumming on hollow oak trees and abandoned steel water tanks,
and a field recording of the whirling rhythms of an abandoned windmill.

EARTHSTARS are puffball fungi.  The ball-shaped spore sac has an outer layer that splits into a flowerlike "star" of radiating points.
The logo on both album covers is Geastrum coronatum, the Crowned Earthstar.
It grows on decaying plant material such as leaves, twigs, and seedpods.
The three drawings on the cover of DESERT INCENSE are Astraeus hygrometricus, the Water Measurer.
It is ectomycorrhizal, forming a mutually beneficial partnership with the roots of several species of trees.
The outer points curl over the spore sac when the fungus is dry.   After a rain, they expand and open out.
Astraeus and Geastrum are in different families and are not related to each other.  Their similarity of form is a result of convergent evolution.

My fretless banjo.  Made in 1982 by Ralph Dellinger of North Carolina.  Curly sugar maple with natural skin head.
I replaced the original inlaid walnut frets with brass, and made the copper dots, iron/copper tailpiece, fossil ivory nut, and carved stone tuning pegs.
Stones are volcanics from southern Arizona mountains.  Steel patches on the rim help stabilize a crack.



STONE OCARINA NECKLACE:  Custom flute carved by Whittaker Freegard, 1995.  Stone is a flint pebble from Cretaceous chalk, Salisbury, England.
I made the forged iron hooks, recycled copper tube beads, and carved stone beads (calcsilicate hornfels from Helvetia, Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona).
"Half Moon Hollow" RATTLE: 
Eastern box turtle shell (honey locust beans inside), coyote metatarsal bones, whitetail deer hooves.

box turtle rattle

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