Desert Stone Circles
Geological Art Photos

TOP:  Goethite pseudomorphs after pyrite in dolomite.  Empire Mts., AZ
LOWER LEFT:  Carnelian in rhyolite lithophysae.  Pajarito Mts., AZ
LOWER RIGHT:  Miarolytic cavity with quartz in granite.  Mule Mts., AZ

HILLCOIL stone labyrinth with blue palo verde tree, south of Tucson, AZ.

"Popcorn" aragonite on calcite.  Santa Rita Mts., AZ


Hyalite opal "stalactites" with etched calcite.  Pawnee Buttes, Colorado


Rough rock and handmade beads:  Tremolite calcsilicate hornfels (contact metamorphosed interbedded limestone and dolomite).  Santa Rita Mountains, AZ


MOROCCO:  Iron oxide concretions formed in mudcracks.  (Tucson mineral shows, 2016, no other location available).
These appear to be similar to the goethite crusts and "moqui marbles" from the southwestern U.S., except that they form in clay, not sand.

All U.S. specimens were collected and photographed by Daniel and Lorena Moore.

Text and webpage by Lorena B. Moore, 2017.