MenuItemsSP1 version 1.51

This mod allows the Admin to add, remove, and rearrange items on the main YaBB menu (top menu) through the Admin Center.  This version works with YaBB SP 1, SP 1.1, SP 1.2, SP 1.3 and SP 1.4.

Please read this entire file BEFORE installing and using this mod.  Back up your YaBB files before installing any mod.

  1. Install the mod using Boardmod or manually.  Use the menuitems_v_1_5.mod file for YaBB SP 1, 1.1, or 1.2 forums.  Use the menuitems_v_1_5_SP_1_3_and_1_4.mod file for YaBB 1.3 and 1.4 forums.  If you don't know how to install a mod, please visit the BoardMod website for assistance before attempting to install this mod.  A short time spent reading the FAQ file there will save you a great deal of frustration here.
  2. Upload the modified (or file for YaBB SP 1.3 forums), english.lng,,, and files in ASCII mode.  Chmod to 755.
  3. Upload to the /Sources directory and menuitems.txt to the /Variables directory in ASCII mode.  Chmod menuitems.txt to 666.

To use:

Go to the Admin Center and click on Add/Remove Main Menu Items.  You should see a table where you can add, remove, and modify menu items.  Upon first use, the menu will be blank.  Use the guide below to add standard menu items.  Items can be set to be seen by All Users, Admins only, Guests only, Members only, or for any other membergroup (supports forums with or without the Add More Membergroups mod).  The only exception is the Profile menu item which can only be set for Members only.

Checking the box in the "New Window?" column causes the item to be opened in a new browser window.  Checking the box in the "Break Before?" column adds a line break to the menu before the link.


The MenuItems menu is turned off by default.  Before activating the MenuItems menu in the Prefs/Settings section of the Admin Center, be sure you have at least entered an Admin Center menu item to allow yourself access back to the Admin Center.

The Admin Center URL looks like this:

In the Prefs/Settings Section of the Admin Center there is a check box to hide menu text.  Check this box if you want to use a menu with icons only (no text next to icons). The item names will still appear as a tool tip when the mouse is over the icons.

This version is compatible with the Add More Membergroups Mod version 1.1.

Click Click here to Reorder Menu Items to re-arrange the order of items on the menu.  A list of current menu item names will appear.  The item at the top of the list appears first (left end) on the menu.  Cut and paste items to rearrange.  Don't leave any blank lines.  Don't use this screen to delete items.  Be careful not to misspell item names.

Typical names, URLs, and gif files for standard menu items:
Name URL New Window? Gif File Default Target Group
Home Unchecked home All Users
Search Unchecked search All Users
Members Unchecked guest Members
Admin Unchecked admin Admins Only
Login Unchecked login Guests Only
Register Unchecked register Guests Only
Notification* Unchecked notify All Users
Logout Unchecked logout Members Only
Profile** Anything you want - gets ignored - don't leave blank Unchecked profile Members Only
Help Checked help All Users
Optional --- --- --- ---
YaBBChat javascript:OpenAdsDetail('') Unchecked buddy All Users
* This mod overrides the Notifications setting in the Settings/Prefs section of the Admin Center.
** When setting up the Profile item, use the same name for "Profile" that is used in your language file, $txt{'467'}.  Also, the Profile menu item can be set only for Members Only.


If too many menu items are added to a single line of  the menu, the last items may not appear due to constraints on the YaBB table structure.  Using the "Break Before?" check box to add line breaks to the menu will allow more items to appear.

Mod History:

Version 1.51 Updated Help file for SP 1.4. No script changes.
Version 1.5 Added New Window and Break Before fields.  Added support for SP 1.2 and 1.3.
Version 1.4 Added Help File.  Simplified YaBBChat support.
Version 1.3 Bug fix.
Version 1.2 Allows option of hiding text when image menu is used.
Version 1.1 Support added for YaBBChatSP1 menu item.
Version 1.0 First Release


Author: Ironwing