Misc. Stereo Photos

Here is a small collection of stereo pairs that didn't fit into any of the other pages.  The tree bark shows some hypostereo effect (too short of separation distance between shots) which makes the grooves in the bark appear deeper in the photo than in reality. The Vedauwoo image is my token anaglyph.  I will be working on a new page for mineral specimen pairs as time allows.

Antlers Fluorite Cluster Spaceball Geode Black Locust Bark
Four sets of antlers
Fluorite Cluster
Fluorspar District
Spaceball Geode
Carpenter Fork
Boyle Co, KY
Black Locust Bark
Chalcopyrite Iron Concretions Pine Cones Vedauwoo
Flambeau Mine
Ladysmith, WI
Iron Concretions
White River Fm
Carr, CO
Pine Cones
Laramie Co, WY
Laramie Co, WY

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