Ant Slayer I

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Eight foot solar cooker

Parabolic Solar Cooker


Solar cooker in yard

Newly completed cooker. Cooker was constructed pretty much the way it looks: take old satellite dish, remove electronics, cover with aluminum foil, aim toward sun. The aluminum foil is held in place with spray glue.


Paper smoking after seven seconds Paper burning after twenty seconds
Paper smoking after seven seconds in focus. Paper burning after twenty seconds.


  Tea steeping on cooker

Making Tea



Lorena checking tea

Lorena checking tea.

Welding goggles are necessary when standing in front of the cooker. We haven't tried it yet but we suspect that looking directly into the focal point with a naked eye would cause a rather painful case of permanent blindness.


Foil covered lamb dish hanging over cooker

Preparing lamb meatballs for Easter dinner. The lamb cooked in about half the time required in a conventional oven.

Finished lamb meatballs


Dan checking large water pot on cooker

Dan boiling water.


Frying egg

A single egg fries in three to four minutes (in early May).

Fried bananas

Fried bananas


Popcorn on the Summer Solstice

Popcorn popping on the Summer Solstice




Sun Oven

After a year of using the parabolic cooker we decided to try something a little more practical and purchased a solar oven manufactured by Sun Ovens International. This cooker is designed for everyday cooking.


solar oven

The Sun Oven is simple to use: set up, stick food inside, aim at sun. In the short time we have been using it we have cooked everything from pork chops to apple sauce, roast chicken to bread.


cookies baking

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies bake in a cast iron skillet in twenty minutes.


strawberry pie baking

Strawberry pie bakes in ninety minutes.


baking bread

Two loaves of bread bake in about an hour.



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