Microscope Adapter for the Vicam Digital Camera

This adapter is made from a section of PVC pipe that happened to have the perfect inner diameter to fit over the eyepiece of the MBC-10 microscope.  I took an eyepiece tube to the hardware store so I could test different sized tubes to find a good match.  The screw is a standard tripod mount size (1/4in x 20) and fits the tripod mount on the Vicam.

The image below shows the Vicam attached to the microscope eyepiece as it would be in use.

This image shows the adapter on the microscope with the Vicam.

The image below is a little better view of the adapter.  As you can see, it is extremely primitive but it does work quite well.  When making one it is important to cut away just enough of the pipe to allow the Vicam to be centered over the tube and, therefore, centered over the eyepiece.  The distance between the cuff that fits over the eyepiece and the screw should be long enough to allow some wiggle room between the camera lens and the eyepiece.  No part of the camera or adapter should ever touch the eyepiece lens.

Click here to see some results.