Coryphantha recurvata
Golden Beehive, Santa Cruz Beehive

A large Coryphantha with small tubercles and dense, delicate-looking spines.
Plants form multi-headed mounds.  Found on grassy, rocky slopes.
This cactus of Sonora, Mexico enters the U.S. only in southern Santa Cruz County, Arizona,
in the Tumacacori, Pajarito, and Atascosa Mountains.

Federal Threatened & Endangered Species status:
Listing denied due to lack of information.
U.S. Forest Service status:  Sensitive Species
Arizona Department of Agriculture status:  HIGHLY SAFEGUARDED
THREATS: Grazing, powerline construction, offroad vehicle use, collection.
Arizona Rare Cactus Photos

Single plant nearly one foot tall. Each head is 4-5 inches across.

Distinctive recurved center spine.

Mexican Blue Oaks (Quercus oblongifolia)
and rhyolite tors, Atascosa Mountains, Arizona.
Automeris cecrops - a cactus lookalike!
This moth caterpillar feeds on oaks.