White River Badlands and White River Fossils

Pawnee Buttes

The following pages contain images of the White River badlands at Pawnee Buttes, CO.  The White River badlands stretch across parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Fossils identified so far include a mesohippus leg, a camel skull, and numerous Stylemys tortoise shells.  No fossil images have been loaded yet.  For an overview of the geologic history of the High Plains from the U.S. Geological Survey, click here.

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        Pawnee Buttes
  Canyons at base of East Butte.
  Canyon formation controlled by clay dike.
Meandering slot canyon at base of East Butte.
  West Butte as seen from East Butte ridge.
South side of East Butte.
  East Butte Ridge
  Typical vegetation in shallow canyons.
  Badlands on southeast side of East Butte.
  Spallation weathering of small clayey siltstone cobble. 
  Horned lizards.

360° Panoramic Images of the Pawnee Buttes!

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