Sphaeralcea laxa  Globemallow
PERENNIAL.  Leaves are divided into three lobes, with wavy edges and a scanty to dense covering of white star-shaped hairs.  Leaf shape is distinctive, but size and fuzziness are extremely variable depending on growing conditions.  Early-season plants in filtered shade have large dark leaves.  Late-season plants growing in dry sunny areas have tiny leaves that are nearly white with thick fleecy hair.  Pale salmon-orange flowers have maroon anthers, bloom April-June.  Plants are more delicate loooking than S. ambigua or S. emoryi, with thinner stems and sparser leaves and flowers.
FAMILY:  Malvaceae (Mallow Family)

Sphaeralcea is easily recognized as a genus, since most species have similar salmon-colored flowers and lobed, fuzzy leaves with prominent veins.  A few are easy to identify but several of the larger species are very similar and often highly variable, especially in leaf size and shape.  They may require all information - flowers, leaves, mature fruits, growth habit, and habitat/elevation - for identification.