Quercus emoryi  Arizona Black Oak, Emory Oak, Bellota
EVERGREEN TREE.  Leaves long pointed, strongly toothed, dark green, slightly fuzzy below, shiny and slightly fuzzy above.  Bark dark charcoal gray.  Crown irregular when young, rounded when old, with a lacy fringe of tiny twigs.  The common oak of rolling grassland, less adapted to rocky slopes than the other desert oaks.  May be drought deciduous.  In the Empires, locally common on higher grassland slopes and along old roads, but most trees are stunted and carry a lot of dead wood.  Q. turbinella has toothed leaves but they are smaller, smooth, and bluish green.  Q. pungens is a much smaller treen with curled leaves that are truly lobed, not just toothed.
FAMILY:  Fagaceae (Beech Family)