Proboscidea althaeifolia  Perennial Devil's Claw
PERENNIAL.  Entire plant covered in sticky hairs.  Stems sprawling, radiating from a very short central stalk.  Leaves veiny, lobed, dark green, variable in size depending on availability of water, but usually less than 10 cm.  Flowers golden yellow, trumpet shaped.  Plants sprout and bloom very quickly in June-August with the start of summer rains.  Pods large, hooked, splitting into two "claws" when dry (see P. parviflora).  Dry pods of the two species are difficult to tell apart, but those of P. althaeifolia are often smaller and paler.  Uncommon in the Empires in loose sediment, especially sand washes.
FAMILY:  Martyniaceae (Martynia Family)