Mimulus guttatus  Seep Spring Monkeyflower
PERENNIAL.  A sturdy, square-stemmed plant, usually less than one meter tall, with opposite, triangular, toothed leaves that may be smooth or finely hairy.  Flowers about 1.5 cm across, bright yellow with red spots.  Calyx may be smooth or hairy.  Length of the pedicel (calyx stem) is extremely variable and of no value in identification. Southern Arizona's most common monkeyflower.  Seeps, intermittent streams, and other wet places.  Blooms from March until the water dries up, which may be all year in some places.  In the Empires, it grows in Davidson Canyon and in small sandy canyons among granite tors.
FAMILY:  Phrymaceae (Lopseed Family)