Mentzelia multiflora  Adonis Blazing Star, Stickleaf
PERENNIAL.  Thick white semi-woody stems have smooth, alternate, bluish green leaves with evenly spaced, ladderlike lobes.  Flowers are deep yellow, 2.5 cm., with ten pointed petals and a tuft of stamens.  Rarely seen in bloom, since flowers wither in bright sunlight.  Blooms March-October.  Seed capsules prominent, cylindrical, rounded at base.  Occasional in the Empires in dry washes, dirt embankments, and other coarse, unconsolidated sediments. M. albicaulis is hairy, often semi-erect, with much smaller 5-petaled flowers and smaller seed capsules that are narrow at the base.
FAMILY:  Loasaceae (Loasa Family)