Lupinus brevicaulis  Dwarf Lupine
EPHEMERAL ANNUAL.  Stems, pods, calyces, and the undersides of leaves (not the upper sides) all have long white hairs.  Flower clusters short, on very short stalks.  Flowers are dark bluish-purple with a white spot on the banner (top) petal.  Seedpods very round, short, relatively large, containing only one or two seeds.  In the Empires, uncommon among coarse gravel on dry knobs in desert grassland.  Blooms in April, gone by mid-May.  L. concinnus has pink flowers, longer seedpods, and leaves hairy on both sides.  L. sparsiflorus is smoother and much taller, with longer pods and more flowers per plant.
FAMILY:  Fabaceae (Pea Family)