Datura wrightii  Sacred Datura
ANNUAL or SHORT-LIVED PERENNIAL.  A spreading plant with very large, dark green, triangular leaves.  Flaring trumpet-shaped flowers have five fused petals.  Usually white but may have purple edges.  Throat is white or pale green.  Blooms at night and early morning.  Seedpods are nearly spherical, with many short, weak prickles.  Disturbed ground, full sun.  D. discolor has smaller flowers that have purple throats, seedpods with longer, fewer spines, and smaller leaves.  D. quercifolia (a grassland species found at higher elevations to the south and east of the Empires) has lobed leaves, tiny purple-edged flowers, and pods with a few very heavy stout spines.
FAMILY:  Solanacea (Nightshade Family)