Cylindropuntia x kelvinensis  (Opuntia spinosior x fulgida hybrid)
CACTUS.  Combines the physical characteristics of both parent species.  Overall growth is treelike, with a distinct trunk and crowded branches, as in O. fulgida.  Branches are cylindrical, with gray to purplish spines that are all the same length and evenly distributed, as in O. spinosior.  Grows larger and more robust than either parent.  Flowers pink, magenta, or reddish orange.  Fruits greenish yellow, spineless, similar to those of O. spinosior but rounder and about twice as large.  Fruits drop within a year and do not form "chains".  Photo shows C. x kelvinensis with O. fulgida in the background.  In the Empires, occasional on the west side of the range, especially near the upper end of Davidson Canyon.  Also common west of the Empires on the bajada north of Mount Fagan, where both parent species are also abundant.
FAMILY:  Cactaceae  (Cactus Family)