Cryptantha decipiens  Gravelbar Hiddenflower
ANNUAL.  Dense and bushy at first, with the flowers very tiny and nearly hidden.  Calyces becoming spread out, curved, not touching on the lower part of the stem, calyx tips very long.  Plants extremely bristly with long white bristles and slightly shorter dense coarse hairs.Nutlets 1-2, with obscure white dots, sometimes splitting open.
FAMILY:  Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not Family)

Cryptantha species have tiny white five-petaled flowers that are often hidden in the urn-shaped bristly calyces that crowd the stem.  Plants are inconspicuous unless they appear in large numbers, as they often do on disturbed ground in early spring.  Several species are usually found growing together, often with Lappula and one or more Pectocarya species.  Most species look very similar and are quite variable in size and growth form depending on availability of water and the age of the plant.  They are difficult to identify, requiring careful examination of the bracts, seeds, and growth habit.