Amoreuxia palmatifida  Arizona Yellowshow
PERENNIAL .  A distinctive plant with large, smooth, seven-lobed, coarsely toothed leaves.  Flowers are very large (to 10 cm), irregular, bright orange-yellow with red spots at the center.  Conspicuous egglike seedpods with kidney-shaped seeds.  A monsoon plant, visible only for a couple of months in late summer if there is plenty of rain.  Rocky desert grassland slopes.  Uncommon in the Empires, and absent in dry years.  A. gonzalezii, a rare and closely related species, is found on limestone in the Santa Rita Mountains and might be expected at the highest elevations on limestone in the Empires.  It has longer, more sharply pointed pods and sperical seeds.  Jatropha macrorhiza has similar but larger, more irregular leaves and clusters of small pink flowers.  
FAMILY:  Bixaceae (Lipstick Tree Family)